process improvement epr bullets

Train'd ESFS/S5 mbr on assessments; increased knowledge IAW w/AFCENT guidance, - Force multiplier! 4N0X1 Aerospace Medical Service EPR Bullets. - Averted Hill HAZMAT supply shortage; awd kt w/n 12 hrs/items rcvd w/n 72 hrs--Hill AFI/OSHA compliant, - Awarded $1.25M in feeder/AC unit contracts--enhanced climate controls/electrical systems for two squadrons - Completed 3-day AMC Comm Skills Trng; gained conflict mgmt/effective feedback tools--refined supervisory skills In 2003 the author created a seminar to teach a fair and consistent process to evaluate recognition packages. - Volunteered for rec' girls softball tm; taught conditioning/training f/appropriate skills--led tm to championship game, - Garnered 10 credit hours towards second CCAF degree program; 9 credits remaining--3 associates degrees w/in reach - Led SYRIA C2 logistics plan; pen'd framework/secured $1.2M eqmt--increas'd collection mgmt cape 300%/PED 80%, - Maintained real-time status of training reports via AF-IT; utilized by the Wing--heightened mission readiness - Ensured compliance; implemented standard practice during new system roll-out period--maintained mission readiness, - Established filing sys procedures; generated 20 permanent training folders--aircrew training continuity assured - Proven Supervisor! Self-improvement Award Bullets. - Fulfilled short notice task during Ex; provided 40 injects/trained 180 Jt prsnl--solidified BDA implementation, - Generated monthly SOT & OJT Roster; analyzed/briefed 5k+ data points, ID'd delays/recommended course of action, - High performing program manager! - Champion'd security item funding change f/USPS inventory; proj'd save $100K yrly--elim'd costs f/all USAFE APOs - Audited 182 pt case files; ID'd 58 errors/bolstered comm disease prgm--process improvement sav'd $3K/referral costs - Audited HCP; monitored 51 STS/PTS patients to resolution--mitigated VA #1 disability/$2.3M . Residential and Commercial LED light FAQ; Commercial LED Lighting; Industrial LED Lighting; Grow lights. - Topnotch spt for UTM's and ADUTM's; trained 20 prsnl on formal training process--enhanced prgm quality 100%, - Trained 3 AMN on supply discipline; turned in 27 DIFM assets--contributed AF reclaiming 2.6M in parts cost training epr bullets Skill Level Upgrade Training: Consider skill level awarding course, CDC timeliness completion, course exam results, and completion of core task training. - Mng'd risk analysis CONOP dvlpmnt; sync'd 3 sqs/2 msn partners--established external flight safety rvw for 355M SVs, - Orchestrated advanced HAZMAT audit tng; 14 QA inspectors qual'd/42 hrs--best trnd team >20 yrs/incr pass rate 5% - Procured hardened living quarters; 12 Spec Ops members housed--boosted Military Info Spt Team-Lebanon spt Contact Disclaimer. In this case, they cut in half the time it takes for their unit to process and handle manifests. - Trained eight personnel on support procedures; 67 task completed in 3 weeks--zero loss to MX productivity - Completed 14 CBTs/MRT/pallet build up/forklift crs; sharpened vital war skills--sustained 100% deployable - Coordinated inprocessing/FTD courses for new gains; maximized training resources, ensured mission capable airmen, - Created/taught history lesson; detailed SOF capabilities utilized in the Battle of Mogadishu--42 mbrs educated Generally, as ratees, our main responsibility in completing the EPR is turning in a list of golden EPR Bullets. - AUAB Top III Prof Dev Chair; reviv'd latent pgm/creat'd 14 lessons/6 jnt workshops--mentor'd/shap'd 183 future ldrs - Postured #1 AFMC Straddle Bid project; executed AFMC SRMC directive--readied contract for FY12 award - Innovative; created accounting sys for unreported, Spec Flt labor--id'd 2K undocumented man hours per month, - Keyed fltline trng ops; qual'd 7 Amn/NCOs on 142 core UGT tasks--incr'd shop quals 34%/clutched 100% QA pass rt, - Ldrship energized 197 LO mx'ers; raised capacity 33% despite 75% manning--backlog dropped 50%/2 yr low - Piloted $3k ventilation mod; completed base car wash repairs 9 days early--QoL enhanced for 200+ users/mo Crushed it with 2 wg SrA BTZ wins/5 sqdn/2 og awds--key for 2x ToQ 4q18/1q19, - Ascertained civilian supervisor recertification; managed two LN employees work/pay/duty responsibilities, - Attended six hr enl ldrshp crs; enhanced supervisory skills--applied mgmt/mentoring toward Flt Chief duties, - Boosted ldrship knowledge; read CSAF reading list "Who Moved My Cheese?" Leadership EPR Bullets. Key Duties, Tasks, and Responsibilities . - MICP AUA completed 93 control testing activities, with 0 deficiencies--instrumental to flight's process improvement - Mng'd risk analysis CONOP dvlpmnt; sync'd 3 sqs/2 . - Monitored ancillary/TBA/IMDS training; scheduled 90+ personnel mandatory training--key to mission continuation, - MRT scheduler; secured 11 out-of-cycle seats--AETC funded/freed $27.5K in TDY funds/bolstered qul'd engnrs 3%, - Organized 80 hrs OJT hrs/72 mbrs; 100% cmbt msn ready--all deployed/supported 72K OEF/HOA cmbt msns - Earned 19 credit hours toward Bachelors Degree in Information Systems--maintained impressive 3.2 GPA. Doors, Shutters and Blinds - Bullet Resistance - Requirements and Classi . - Enhanced training aids and delivery standards; maximized training efficiency & reduced time away from the mission - Mature manager; replaced two ROAD SSgts; immed improved shop morale and vastly improved shift tng & qual - Phenomenal medical supt; contracting officer authority/$1M; CO for 4 buyers; led 36 contracts worth $50M+, - Piloted $10M fuels lab awd for South Afghan--enabl'd combat air ops at 7 FOBs in AORs most volatile region - Hard-charging SNCO; possesses solid-gold professionalism & leadership needed for SMSgt--a must promote! see that no one else has the use of it, ever again. - Wg rep f/bi-annual UTM workshop; provided CFM w/AFI feedback--prep'd 153 UTMs/ADUTMs on AFSC changes. - Brokered AFMS review for CAA; garnered 1-rqmnt/ovrsgt of 865 student through-put--enhanced QoL for Amn, - Cert'd SAPR vol; dedicated 168 hrs on-call, 11 hrs CT/gave 22 brfs--enhanced spt f/2 wgs, helped est wg SAPR bldg - Seamless! - Completed 14 hrs of DAU independent study courses--broadened managerial understanding of military assets - Piloted 1st Camp Spann volleyball tournament; 100 participants--boosted esprit de corps with coalition forces - Innovative thinker! - Informs Cmd Curriculum Advisory Committees; specifies C-17 wpn sys tng rqmts during Level I/Level II crs studies, - Organizes unit UGT; advises & assists the commander & personnel on training responsibilities for career progression, - 3F2 functional mgr; vetted 4 retrain applicants f/suitability/mng'd billet pln--enabled career broadening opportunities, - Accomplished 24 hr PTL/CPR courses; instructed five shift personnel in weekly PT sessions--100% pass rate - Authored TAR QAM report: Review'd/validat'd 90 lines;/identified 32 docs/$15M in discrpncies--met NGB suspense Completed 5-level three months early; Earned 35 AF CLP points to date--a year ahead of schedule, - Trained & led team of 90+ CORs! - AF Trainers Course certified; updated shop trng pgrm/trn'd 141 core tasks--readied three Amn for deployment - Excellent Wartime Program Mgr--verified 109 Global Thunder exer taskings; strengthened nuclear enterprise - Epitomizes Air Force Core Values; takes pride in service; committed to personal, unit and organizational success - Expedited $267K portable light generators contract; secured force protection/safety for 3.5K pax--saved $23K - Mature manager; replaced two ROAD SSgts; immed improved shop morale and vastly improved shift tng & qual - Ramrodded three titanium deck repairs; eliminated crack progression--extended aft deck service life by 4K hrs - NATO/ISAF OEF Deployment; $9B LOGCAP contract administrator; lifeline to 4 coalition forces for 5 FOBs. - Authored 2 EPRs & 3 awd pkgs for Flt mbrs; garnered recognition on Sq & Gp levels--set Arnn up for success, - Backfill'd AFCENT/FM CMSgt role f/5 mos; Enl Mgr f/11 sites/59 prsnl, pav'd way fwd f/local FM spt--SMSgt now! - Oversaw $3.5M CE simplified construction contract; 21 delivery orders--directly improved 25 base facilities Advanced oxidation processes (AOPs) applied to wastewater treatment have become increasingly well developed and the ability of a single technology to remove difficult organic pollutants is limited. - Managed 105 contracts/$7.1M during joint deployment; tackled AOR-wide issues--CENTCOM msn undeterred, - Managed 21 medical contracts at $25M; supplemented govt pers/expanded staffing--bolstered service f/500K patients One of the behaviors that takes some time and effort to change is an Airman's willingness to be promoted. - $8.6M PDM SS mbr; authored multiple planning WCD's--ens'd five acft spt & Hill's Maint Depot rpr's 100% Flight Chief, Contracting Officer, NCOIC; filled GS-12 billet--oversaw 13 proj/$1.7M. - Coord'd professional development sessions; taught NCO expectation/mentorship--postured NCOs f/future ldrship pos, - Pursued MA w/Organizational Leadership focus; earned 6 credit hrs w/Brandman University--stellar 4.0 GPA - Developed AFCAP kt oversight procedures theaterwide; led a team of 50 AFCAP CORs--ensured ktr accountability Examples of Management EPR Bullets. - Wg CAA delegate; taught 3 Mobility Plans/Execution crs s--raised AEF concept awareness for 125 base NCOs - Truly superb; earned 100% on AF CO exam/received $1M warrant with only 2 yrs experience--Promote Now! - Completed Prgrm Mgt course; broadened skill set as contracting specialist--achieved second Lvl I APDP cert - Augmented First Sergeant; ensured health/morale/safety of 400+ Airmen--lauded by CRS CC/First Sergeant - Procured 2 MTTs; coord'd instr's/crs material dlvry--9 qual'd/saved $22K/preserved $4B base/$220M facilities mx pgm, - Provided 26 officers and SNCOs convoy training prior to short-notice deployment--ensured safety, mission success - Excelled as org's CoS; integrated process--improvement s/w into onboarding TTP IOT expedite staffing requirement - Expedited BEARCAT engine rqmt; awd'd 9 days vs 60-day std--restored full msn capability for critical msl convoy asset, - Expedited decon system to protect crew/passengers from CBRNE exposure; rec'd 6 months early--saving lives It's just gotten more complex over the years as additional layers have been added to it. - Developed OPLAN training scenario--trained manpower personnel; enhanced unit's critical wartime capability - Completed Professional Development Seminar; fine-tuned supervision skill-setenhanced leadership abilities - Superb motivator; vaulted production/support effort--helped wg achieve 1.1K sorties/5.6K flying hours, FY13 - Scheduled training course dates for workcenter members--maximized use of available slots, increased capabilities When accomplishments are listed in an annual performance report, they are limited to a single or sometimes two lines. - Revitalized Youth Center! - Awarded 4 quick-turn contracts/11 option mods; resolved exp'd-use GPC prog error--guarante'd execution of >$2.5M, - Awarded 5 F22/F35 facility kts valued at $1.6M; constructed labs/secure rms/fuel bays for msn critical aircraft - Bolstered HEDC COOP phase II; pvd'd mission critical IT server support--$4.6mil savings realized by AFMC, - Branch lead for 19 BPA's and 8 org's; simplified customer ordering process--product to end user 112% faster - Led unit AFAF program; 100% employees contacted/two wks--raised $2010; exceeded division goal by 56% Executed 43 actions worth $5M in supply/srvs kts w/less than 6 mos on the job - Co-authored 64 pg SABER Guide; used to train CONS personnel--120 mnhrs saved/Id'd as ORI Wing strength, - Collected 1 ton of clothing for Ogden Rescue Mission Clothing Drive--ensured the less fortunate were clothed - Awarded $52K RASS kt--provided reliability--ensured untinterrupted aircraft flying in support of US interests EPRs are required to be written in a format peculiar to the U.S. Air Force. - Managed workload for 3 buyers/12 CE PMs; executed 46 EOY projects valued >$7.4M--zero productivity lost Generally, as ratees, our main responsibility in completing the EPR is turning in a list of golden EPR Bullets. - Awarded vital $43K BPA; enabled $2M AF Research Lab payload test--received LOA from 388 Range Sq/CC - Investigated 31 mishaps; ID'd root causes/guided process changes--gen'd CAF-wide crosstell/enhanced safety culture, - Led 5 member tm; dir'd 61 DV visits/20 ceremonies/6 events--showcased msn capes/cmbt ops f/AF premier RPA wg The better the EPR Bullets, the easier it is to justify a firewall 5 EPR. Thanks! - Spearheaded NSI prep; achieved 100% nuke surety test pass rate/10 perfect scores--wg rec'd highest rating Examples of Medical EPR Bullets. - Hit the ground running! Residential LED Lighting. - Authored A & E continuity book; provided guidance to five new buyers--enhanced branch capabilities by 30% - Awarded $249K in MWR projects; new bus shelters/renovated softball dugouts--QoL impvd for 9K personnel These are ideas of activities that are defined as self improvement, should be able to make a bullet out of it. Filled sect chief pos; led 11 Amn/3K repairs--ensured fleet integritycatalyst to Wg's 9.6K flt hrs, - Selected f/WIT; evaluated base Active Shooter exer highlighted two violations--safetied AFB/fortified compliance - Conducted review of XX trng records; meticulously ID'd/fixed errors--eliminated discrepancies/increased readiness, - Controlled 3 group level deployed rotations- maintained 560 AFTR, TBA, TFTR, CDSAR records--100% proficiency - Oversaw 136 QVIs/PEs on 17 PMEL techs/2.9K mx actions; 12 faulty processes id'd/fixed--yrly qual rate 98%, - oversaw FM Systems Section; administered access for 40+ users to 10 systems--critical to wing financial mgmt ops - Propelled section awds pgm; drafted packages/chaired boards--garnered 2 BTZ/4 qrtly/4 annual awd winners - Participat'd in weekly skill-building/mentoring group sessions; 2 programs/8 hrs; mental/spiritual AF pillars shored up - Conducted 57 QA audits; review'd 1239 docs, recommend'd prm improvements--ensured integrity of CPTF processes There are dozens of uses for an EPR other than E-8/9 promotion boards WHY WRITE A QUALITY EPR? - Mentored/guided LCAP prep; revitalized pgms/fixed 150 deficiencies--six Outstanding Performers recognized Demonstrates willingness to learn new procedures and encourages others to . - Drove Sq Edu & Trng pgm/16 UGT Amn; sched'd 26 EOCs/96% CDC summary rt--4 one-day pass/11 skill lvls awd'd - Selfless! - Coord'd operating rm intubation technique trng rotation; enhanced dept capability 30%; honed critical msn skill - Reviewed & approved 400+ PR packets for accuracy, necessity & best value; guaranteed good stewardship of $2M Once in a while, even after being asked several times, an Airman will not provide any inputs at all. - Guided Sq Amn; org'd university transcripts/vol'd 50 hrs at local elem/wrote BTZ pkg--mbr selected #1 in Wg, - Hand-sel'd for mentor session w/18AF/CCC; gained ldr insight to Enl dev--guided 6 fellow NCOs thru PME process - Pumped $9M into strategic Iraqi First Program--instrumental in boosting economy, job skills, safety, and hope The process has changed numerous times and through several CMSAFs who attempted their own versions of process improvement. - Benchmark NCO! - Top notch! - Implemented Repair Network Integration sizing efforts; shifted $600K to critical AFSCs--AF saved $45M/5yrs - Conducted review of 40 training records; meticulously identified/corrected errors--eliminated discrepancies - Expertly researched $600K furniture requirements; met w/10 vendors increased competition; saved over $63K, - Facilitated $1.4M AMXS project; constructed new HQ/demo'd existing--minimized 23 WG structure footprint As the Defense Health Agency takes over management of U.S. Air Force military treatment facilities, they will also be developing and executing a high reliability journey through the brand name, Ready Reliable Care.High reliability activities and processes will continue as the Air Force partners with the DHA in our handoff of HRO activities for the MTFs they manage. - Solid performer who set the pace for others to follow; demonstrated recurrent initiative for self improvement - Filled E-7 billet for 45 days; led 3 offices/14 enl/8 officer--key to PACAF's most dynamic tactics/training/intel prgms Honchoed training program for 365 personnel/20+ AFSCs; ensured unit readiness, - Implemented a phase training program; reduced training time of newly assigned personnel by 1 year--saved $14,000 Go to the EPR Bullets or EPR Bullets by AFSC websites. - FOIA/PII innovator! Devoted 30 hours to personal fitness enhancement; consistent 'Excellence' maintained on annual AF FA Achieved nine semester hrs in Criminal Justice CCAF degree--closed gap/fortified job knowledge, - Focused on educational progression; aced DAU mgmt crse--one crse shy of Professional Manager Certification, - Gained vital Microsoft skills; aced E-Learning Excel course--track'd 4K items/180 checklists/98% compliance, - Graduated AFIT's Process Improvement crse; 6-hrs instruction on lean strategies--primed for mx best practices, - Mastered all crses for Life Cycle Logistics Lvl 1 certification; inculcated logistic strategies into daily planning, - Mastered fire prevention crse; certified on suppression sys usage/safety--trn'd 15/reinforced facility/acft/safety, - Mastered information technology crse; implemented process improvements--improved munitions tracking 21%, - Motivated to learn; enrolled in General Aeronautics and Application Pgrm--3 credit hrs for A&P Cert/License, - Pursued off-duty educ; awarded 10 college credits/maintained 3.2 GPA--10 credit hrs from CCAF/Pre-Nursing degree, - Pursued optional career fld skills; learned 5 Armament backshop insps/prgms--boosted AME repair expertise, - Pushed ability higher; demanded advanced troubleshooting role--traced/fixed 9 MAV video faults on AEF acft, - Trained as Facility Custodian; coordinated with 31 CES/3 critical repairs; prevented zero lost training hours, - Trained on overseas HAZMAT accountability; advanced insight on EU law--garnered zero defects on Wg SAV, - Unmatched knowledge and skill; graduated Cum Laude with B.A. - Supervised det manning; led ofc during 30% change in 2 mos--acquired/trained 3 prsnl/in-tune w/ A3/TRSS priorities kobe bryant autopsy lipstick alley,

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