British Cubs for Freedom

Jasmin outside the traitors gate of Downing street

Welcome to British Cubs For Freedom, we are now live on Facebook for children up to 16 years old to join. All members will be vetted with a one to one zoom meeting with jasmin for safety and security.

British Cubs For Freedom is a platform solely for children up to the age of 16. It was created by British Lions For Freedom to provide a safe place for free thinking children who may be rebellious in nature and naturally question authority. It’s for the kids who value their freedom, can see and are concerned about the future and what it may hold if we continue on the same path, being controlled, manipulated and dictated to by our servants in office who no longer serve our best interests. 

The point of BCFF is to bring these children together who have common views and opinions that in a world full of compliance apathy and cowardice are not so common or popular amongst the majority. If you child feels isolated and ostracized or even experiencing bullying then perhaps British Cubs For Freedom is the platform for them. 

We are aiming to inite the next generation of leaders and lions. Every new member along with their parents will be invited on to a zoom with our founding member and Cubs ambassador Jasmin to make sure the platform remains safe. If your child does not have a Facebook profile of their own we will accept the parents platform as an alternative but they must attend the zoom with their child. 

Once a member reaches the age of 16 there will be opportunities to become an ambassador for BCFF.. This will depend on the level of commitment and contribution they have shown over time.